Rules of Conduct

  1. The Official Game Masters of A3 Mania are: Scar, Numenor, Blade, Shock.
  2. The GM will never ask for your registration particulars, user ID, passwords or any other information in game. Do not reveal such information to anyone even if he/she looks like or poses as a Game Master.
  3. All information exchange from GMs with players will be made via the official emails or through forum PM, found in our contact us page. In any case, the only required information will only be your character nickname and your user ID.
  4. Should players spot anyone posing as a GM, kindly take screenshot (PrintScreen button) of his/her attempt and report it to the GM at [email protected] or through the Forums.
  5. Do not shout for GMs to private message you or to resolve a bug ingame. All issues must be highlighted via email or PM in forum.
  6. When facing server lags/crashes or any discontent in event on-goings, do not shout or complain in the game servers. GMs will ignore such immature shouts made in-game. Players are advised to email us at [email protected] or post in forums to give us your feedbacks, request or suggestions, while remaining calm to give GMs the time to focus on the issues at hand.
  7. Organising of events will be at the sole discretion of GMs. No players are to request for events by shouting or PM-ing any of the GMs for such.
  8. When in doubt of any "illegal" activities, item(s) or policy, please email the Game Masters for assistance in clarifying/checking at [email protected]
  9. For matters that needs addressing by GMs, players are to post or PM the GM in the forum. This will be the communication link.
  10. GMs will have the full discretion whether to reply to players in-game or not.

(Unrightful possessions of any item may result in severe consequences.)

Important Rules

  1. While playing A3 Mania, you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players. GMs are to be given full respect, likewise to fellow players. If any players found abusing; their respective account(s) will be deleted without hesitation. Decision(s) made for this is irreversible.
  2. Donation is required for the server to run. No donation.. No A3 Mania. So respect players who donate.. Dont make them feel behind. The reason you are playing on the server is due to the valued donation by them. Any verbal targetting of the donators will be dealt strictly. We value them and do not want any of the players to look down on them. This is a very imoprtant rule which might even lead you to be banned.
  3. Selling of Eshop Items are allowed. We are not responsible for any DISPUTES LIKE GETTING HACKED, LOOSING MEMBERSHIP ITEMS ETC.
  4. You may not post or communicate any player's real world information (name, address, account name, etc.) through the A3 Mania game or on the official A3 Mania web site/forum.
  5. You may not use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language.
  6. When communicating in A3 Mania using Public Chat (Chat that can be viewed by more than 2 persons), you may not spam, flood, or make duplicate posts. All forms of shouts are to be in English or Hindi only.
  7. You may not post or link to any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive imagery or content.
  8. You may not impersonate any A3 Mania Staff past or present, including any GM. GMs names are not to be abused or used in any form of disputes or gains in any situations, by immediate families and friends.
  9. You may not modify any part of the A3 Mania Client, Server or any part of the official A3 Mania Web Page located at
  10. You may not advertise the intent to or commit the act of buying (real world currency), selling (real world currency), trading, sharing to any A3 Mania account. If trading fail/scammed by other party, PLEASE DO NOT LOOK for GM. AS GM WILL NOT Interfere with your trading. Trading is done by both party who are agreed on the transaction. If any mistake u lent your equipment and other party do not return you, you got to leave with it or you settle it yourself. Trading of Account Related information for any other Game Items, Woonz or any other Possessive items either a Part of A3 Mania or not, is also not allowed.
  11. You will follow the instructions of authorized personnel while in A3 Mania or on the Official A3 Mania Forums.
  12. You will not upload or transmit on A3 Mania or on the A3 Mania Web Site any copyrighted content that you do not own all rights to, unless you have the express written permission of the author or copyright holder.
  13. You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running A3 Mania or gain illegal access to other player's account.
  14. You will not exploit any bug in A3 Mania and you will not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits in game), either directly or through public posting, to any other user of A3 Mania. You will promptly report any such bug via the in-game GMs or via e-mail to [email protected].
  15. You will not hide or misrepresent facts while communicating with any A3 Mania Game Officials.
  16. You may not advertise the intent to or commit the act of buying or selling items or accounts for cash (Real world cash / money / currency).
  17. You shall not trade or communicate account related information to anyone else.
  18. You will not make false complaints/accusations with the intent of benefit to your character.
  19. You are not allow to do publicity of other A3 Server/Game in any ways inside A3 Mania.

Miscellaneous Rules

  1. GM Names are not to be abused in any form of disputes or gains in any situations, by immediate families and friends. GMs decision are final and they are not to be argued with.
  2. PK: It is allowed as this is MMORPG. It keeps the game real. But, if anyone is caught abusing the PK policy, he will be dealt with accordingly. High level players are not to target low level players repeatedly. However, PKing in Nevia Canyon is allowed. No PKing of a particular race (or religion). That constitutes to Racism. PKing during NON PK EVENTS are not permitted.
  3. KS: Simple. Do not KS other players during their gameplay. However, Bossing events are an exception to this.
  4. GMs might conduct events which might have a level restriction to players of certain levels. If any player(s) is/are caught flauting the restriction rules, the event will be terminated and the player will be given a temporary ban.

Operational Policy for Chat Channel Use in the Game

The following policy outlines the restrictions and consequences for players using chat channels in the game to engage in inappropriate, offensive, or harmful behavior. The primary goal of this policy is to maintain a safe, respectful, and enjoyable gaming environment for all players. Violations of this policy will be met with appropriate disciplinary actions, which may include temporary or permanent bans from chat channels or the game itself.

1. Using Personal Information to Humiliate Players
Players are strictly prohibited from using personal names, details, or any identifying information of other players or their families to humiliate, embarrass, or harm them. Such behavior will not be tolerated and may result in severe consequences, including permanent chat suspension or game account suspension.

2. Impersonation of Company or Game Masters
Players must not post in a manner that could be misconstrued as being endorsed by the Company or Game Masters. Impersonating or falsely representing the Company or its representatives is strictly forbidden and may lead to disciplinary actions, including temporary or permanent chat restrictions.

3. Use of Swear Words and Foul Language
The use of swear words, offensive language, or any form of verbal abuse in the chat channels is prohibited. Players are expected to maintain a respectful and polite tone when communicating with others. Violations of this rule may result in temporary chat restrictions.

4. Sexual Humiliation and Inappropriate Content
Expressions, behavior, or language that causes sexual humiliation or includes sexual portrayals are strictly forbidden. Players found engaging in such actions will face serious consequences, including permanent chat suspension and potential account suspension.

5. Slandering or Degrading Others
Players must not engage in actions that slander, ridicule, or degrade individuals or groups based on their region, religion, race, disability, or any other characteristic. Such behavior is not tolerated and may result in temporary or permanent chat restrictions.

6. Threats and Fear-Inducing Behavior
Any form of expression or communication that may cause fear or be perceived as a real-life threat is strictly prohibited. Players found engaging in such actions will be subject to severe disciplinary measures, including permanent chat suspension and potential legal action.

7. Sharing of Inappropriate Materials
Sharing, distributing, or linking to pornographic materials or any other inappropriate content is strictly prohibited and will result in severe consequences, including permanent chat suspension and potential account suspension.

8. Offensive Expressions and Behavior
Any expression or communication that aims to offend, disgust, or harass other players is not allowed. This includes content prohibited in other Terms/Policies of the game. Violators may face temporary or permanent chat restrictions.

9. Inducing Conflict and Abusive Language
Players must not intentionally induce conflict or use abusive language to provoke others. Engaging in such behavior may result in temporary chat restrictions.

10. Ambiguous Language for Abusive Purposes
Using ambiguous language or exploiting loopholes to engage in abusive behavior is not allowed and may result in temporary chat restrictions.

11. Intellectual Property Rights Violations
Players must respect the intellectual property rights of the Company and other third parties. Posting content that infringes on copyrights or any other intellectual property may lead to disciplinary actions.

12. Sharing Account Information
Players must not share, rent, or trade their account information with others. Violating this rule may result in temporary or permanent chat restrictions and potential account suspension.

13. Commercial Promotion and Advertising
Promoting commercial activities or advertising unrelated to the game is strictly prohibited. Violators may face temporary or permanent chat restrictions.

This policy will be communicated to all players during game updates, through official forums, and within the game's Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Regular reminders about the policy and its importance will be posted on various communication channels to ensure maximum awareness among players.