Securing your Account

Since A3 Mania is an online game, you will have to take care of your Account inorder to prevent un-authorized access.

Below listed are few guidelines to secure your account.

  1. Always use a strong password for your account. A3 Mania allows the usage of numbers and letters.
  2. Never use Passwords that could be Guessed. Consider higher word complexity.
  3. Never use your Name or other known personal details like Phone No or Place or Residence, which would make the password guessing easy.
  4. Never use the Same password as that of your User ID.
  5. Never used frequent words that could be easily found in the Dictionary.
  6. Never share your Account Related Credentials with Anyone.
  7. Always maintain caution when you are logging in from Public Computers. Please beware of keyloggers and other spy software that might be logging your keystrokes. Make sure you visit a trusted cafe and also please make it mandatory to run a Anti Key Logger software to ensure Account Safety.
  8. Never reveal your Account Information to anyone ingame even if they claim to be the Game Administrator. None of the GMs or Guides will ask you for your Account Related Information.
  9. Always keep changing your Account Password regulary to ensure Account Security.
  10. Never use the same password that you have used for other Accounts like Mail, Online Eshoping, Facebook or any other Online Services. If you Account gets Compromised, the chances of other Account getting Compromised is also very high.
  11. If you are an Android User, Please consider using our Mobile Authenticator to help failsafe your account.