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Support Ticket

For Ingame issues and other game related issues, you may open a Support Ticket. Inorder to Open a ticket, do either of the following.
  1. Send a Email to
  2. You will receive an automated reply with the Ticket ID assigned to you.
  3. Once you receive a reply from the support, use the reply option to append a reply to your ticket.

Forum Post

Often you might be having any issues with general gameplay or any other common issues. You may use the Forum for such issues so that other players can also participate in your issue and help you accordingly

Inorder to make a Forum post, Head over to

Please note that you will need to register and activate your Forum Account before you can make any Posts or Create a New Topic. Ingame Accounts are different from Forum Accounts.


  • Please don't provide any personal or account related information in Public Forums.
  • We don't provide Game support via the Phone or the Game itself. Please refrain from providing any account related information even if the other person claims to be a GameMaster.
  • Whenever you are mailing to the Support, please make it a point to mention as many details about the character or the account as possible for a speedy resolution.
  • We have zero Spam Tolerance. Please don't send us multiple mails for the same issue. If you have received an Automated reply with a Ticket ID, your issue is noted and it implies that we are working on it.
  • Use the Reply option always in your Email and avoid composing new Emails. We might often loose track of your issue if you do so.