WarriorMaster of Close Combat Melee.
Holy KnightMaster Swordsman with Magic and Melee Abilities.
Mage Powerful Magician with Long Rage Skill abilities.
ArcherMaster of Long Range Bow Attacks.
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News and Events

Clash of the Classes- Match Fixtures

Match-1: Lucy Vs Blunderbuss
Match Type: Best of 3
Match Location: Arena
Match Date:08/08/2015
Match Time: 5:00 PM (IST)

Match-2: Baahubali Vs Yoana
Match Type: Best of 3
Match Location: Arena
Match Date:08/08/2015
Match Time: 6:00 PM (IST)


Clash of the Classes


Event Requirements:
Each Class is supposed to have their respective complete Grade 10 set including weapon only of one kind (No mixture of items)
Character level shall be 165 and RB 1

Rules & regulations:
No unique weapons
No shue shall be equipped at time of war
PvP will be held in Arena
All larcs and candies will be allowed to be used
PvP may take place b/w any class randomly
Fixtures for each match will be announced 24 hours before the match
Gm decision will be final

Event Rewards:
1 G8 Unique item of choice
1 Grace of Silbadu
5 billion woonz
2 Neri J's
1 Any Skill to Max level

Rewards may be increased based on participation and performance in-game.

Registration format:
Character Name: XXXX
Character Class:XXXX
Character Town: XXXX

Note: Registrations will be accepted until 07/08/2015

Updater v. released

Dear Players,

We have released a new version of the A3 Mania Updater. Following are the new changes.

[*] Fixed an issue wherein the Checksum verification of certain files may fail at random times.
[*] Client update and Full Check starts much faster now.
[*] Fixed issues with certain ISPs who cache download files which caused old files to get downloaded.
[*] Fixed few minor errors and improved performance.


Download from the link below.

The updater is packed in an Installer, which will install the client directly to the install location.

Please let us know if there are any issues or if you face any bugs.

Thank you.

- A3 Mania Dev Team.

Server Maintenance

Dear Players,

A3 Mania servers are currently under scheduled maintenance. The servers will be back online today in the afternoon at 3:30 PM IST.

A3 Mania Team.

Server update changelog

Dear Players,

Please find the changelog below for maintenance on 30th June 2015.

[*] Spawn time of Thrymgjor has been increased considerably based on player's request.
[*] Letter W is now changed to Gift of Rubal. The Letter W items that you are currently having in your accounts will automatically be upgraded to the new item. The crafting combination is unchanged.
[*] Legend of Robinhood is now changed to Legend of Sirrd. The Legend of Robinhood items that you are currently having in your accounts will automatically be upgraded to the new item.
[*] Monster names in Hamutz and Sidhe (Episode 4) have been changed to the following. Please note that changes to the monster names will not affect the ongoing quests which include the old monsters.

Carrions : Ladasitu
Succubba : Bato
Vermin : Kelideu
Erinyu : Elinyu
Lame : Rilrim
Shephard : Pan
Jersey : Kikimo
Warman : Okilo
Eviline : Yulkin
Twitty : Be
Venomancer : Kinileutan
Barbarian : Seukegeu
Poison Wolf : Udeu

[*] Holy Knight costume Bride Costume name has been changed to Tuxedo Costume.
[*] Fixed Phoenix not rendering properly at the login screen when using Low Graphic Settings.
[*] Fixed occasionally missing ESS (white artifacts) when using Low Graphic Settings.
[*] Fixed Neri J doesn't render properly in the inventory window and when dropped on the ground when using Low Graphic Settings.
[*] Characters below Level 11 will not be able to enter Sidhe.

There are more updates currently in pipeline. Stay tuned!

Enjoy A3 Mania.

A3 Mania Team.

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