What is a Rebirth?

Rebirth is a method in which the character after getting to a certain level is brought back to Level 1 with 0 Experience Points, so that the Leveling can start again, resulting in strengthening of the Character.

After Performing a Rebirth:

  • Skill Points (Intelligence, Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Mana) will be restored to the Starting Stats of the Character. Ex: - or Warrior (Str: 30 Dex: 16 HP: 30 MP: 20)
  • Character is Reset to Level 1 and Experience Points are 0.
  • You will be given Additional Skill Points to be added at every RB.
  • The number of points allotted per RB will keep changing as the RB goes higher.
  • Every Rebirth has a Reward, Item Requirement or Woonz Requirement or Both!

Rebirth Procedure:

  1. Visit the Arena Manager NPC in your respective town (Asten in Temoz / Iiora in Quanato).
  2. Select the Take Rebirth option and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Prior to Rebirth, Please don't forget to have sufficient Inventory space to Receive Rewards if any.