What is a Rebirth?

Rebirth is a method in which the character after getting to a certain level is brought back to Level 1 with 0 Experience Points, so that the Leveling can start again, resulting in strengthening of the Character.

After Performing a Rebirth:

  • Skill Points (Intelligence, Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Mana) will be restored to the Starting Stats of the Character. Ex: - or Warrior (Str: 30 Dex: 16 HP: 30 MP: 20)
  • Character is Reset to Level 1 and Experience Points are 0.
  • You will be given Additional Skill Points to be added at every RB.
  • The number of points allotted per RB will keep changing as the RB goes higher.
  • Every Rebirth has a Reward, Item Requirement or Woonz Requirement or Both!

Rebirth Procedure:

  1. Make Sure your Character is Logged off.
  2. Please Disable your Client's Auto 2 Options.
  3. Visit the Account Control Panel
  4. After login, Please go to the Rebirth Category.
  5. Select the Character Name from the Drop Down and review the Rebirth Criteria.
  6. Read the Onscreen Instructions
  7. Prior to Rebirth, Please don't forget to have sufficient Inventory space to Receive Rewards if any.
  8. Make sure that you empty your Inventory before Performing a Rebirth