Redyan Necklace

The Redyan Necklace options in A3 Mania have been altered to better suit the Server Gameplay.


Regenerates HP, MP . [100,50] [30,15]

Regenerates HP and MP of the Character per second. Regeneration Rate in Normal World is 100HP and 50MP. In Proxima, it is 30HP and 15MP.

Decrease in Fatigue of 50%

While hunting, your character often tends to get Exhausted due to continuous hunting activity. This option prevents Exhaustion rate by 50%

Normal monsters killed at a set ratio

While hunting, the damage done on Normal Monsters is often variable based on your Maximum and Minimum Damage. However, with this option the change of getting a constant attack damange is much higher.

Raised Acquired Experience by 10%

Increases Experience gained from Hunting and Quests by 10%. Also applicable on the Mercenary.

Prevention of item loss upon death (murderers excepted)

Prevents item loss when your character dies except for murderers.