Redyan Necklace

The Redyan Necklace options in A3 Mania have been altered to better suit the Server Gameplay.


Regenerates 30 HP and 15 MP per second.

Regenerates HP by 30 and MP by 15 of the Character each second. Doesn't work on mercenaries.

Decrease in Fatigue of 50%

While hunting, your character often tends to get Exhausted due to continuous hunting activity. This option prevents Exhaustion rate by 50%

Normal monsters killed at a set ratio

While hunting, you have a chance to kill normal monsters in single attack.

Raised Acquired Experience by 10%

Increases Experience gained from Hunting and Quests by 10%. Also applicable on the Mercenary.

Prevention of item loss upon death (murderers excepted)

Prevents item loss when your character dies except for murderers.