Rebirth 12

Rebirth Level: 165 Additional Points Given: 3600

Rebirth WZ Requirement: None

Rebirth Requirement: Rebirth 11 Complete

Rebirth Item Requirement: Parchment 1, Parchment 2. Parchment3


Rebirth Reward: Access to Sidhe

You need to do a series of Quests in Clororence for getting the required items to craft the Rebirth Items required for Rebirth 12. These quests can be obtained from Marishi from Clororence.

Quest Name: Evil Land of Spatokia

This quest consists of 6 parts. You need to hunt in all 6 maps of Clororence. You need to collect the Quest Rewards.

Spatokia Grandia
Quest1 Quest2
Ertakin Hildtu
Quest3 Quest4
Paratopis Sirpel
Quest5 Quest6