Character Requirement

Proxima Orbis is a completely different dimension. A Mortal may only step upon the mysterious and evil land only when he is reborn and sheds all the miseries of the past.

Here are a few things to understand while travelling to Proxima Orbis.

  1. With each Level up in the Normal World, your Stat points upon entering Proxima Orbis will reset to default. You will have to reassign your Character Stats.
  2. You will not gain experience when hunting in Proxima Orbis but you would loose experience when you are killed.
  3. While entering Proxima Orbis from Normal World, if your stat points in Proxima Orbis is lesser than the highest requirement of the item that you are wearing, You will have to remove your Equippements to enter Proxima Orbis.
  4. The same applies when you are leaving Proxima Orbis and entering the Normal World.
  5. Proxima Orbis is all about Gameplay. Consider building your Stats well.
  6. Parole is calculated in terms of 30 Minutes for each Player Kill.
  7. Upon death in Proxima Orbis, you will remain in Proxima Orbis only. You will not be able to get back to town without using the Portal NPC.
  8. The Regeneration Rate for Redyan Necklace is quite lesser when compared to the Normal World.
  9. You will not be able to use your Mercenary for Hunting in any of the Maps in the Proxima Orbis except for Skyring.