Mercenary Leveling in A3 Mania is quite different. Since the EXP Rates and Quest EXP Rates are quite high, there are few changes in the way how the Mercenary Leveling happens.

Mercenary Experiance

Normal World: 10 Experiance Points per Kill

Proxima Orbis: No Experiance Points per Kill


We have implemented a new map called "Skyring" which is exclusively for Mercenary Hunting. Players won't be able to kill the monsters in Skyring either by using Skills or Melee attacks. Only Mercenaries can hunt in Skyring.

Experience received varies with the monsters. Stronger monsters give higher experience. There are few bosses that spawn at random time which could be killed by the Mercenary only.

A Hunting Fee of 200,000 WZ is collected every minute for hunting in Skyring. If you don't have woonz in your inventory, you will be returned back to Proxima. As a result of the changes made to the Merc Leveling, we have reduced the Mercenary Skill Points per Level to 2 instead of 3 which was previously.